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Codevision presents "MojBiograd," an interactive platform designed to bridge the gap between the citizens of Biograd and their local government. This online portal empowers residents to report and track communal problems directly, fostering community engagement and efficient local governance.


Engagement and Interactivity

Through a user-friendly interface, residents can swiftly pinpoint and submit issues within their city. From public infrastructure to waste management, the platform categorizes problems, streamlining the process for both reporting by citizens and resolution by municipal services.


Real-Time Updates and Transparency

"MojBiograd" ensures that each submission is more than just reported; it's monitored and updated. The platform features real-time updates on issue status, providing an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability in community-driven initiatives.


Mapping and Visualization

Utilizing an interactive map, users can visualize the geographic distribution of reported issues across Biograd, allowing them to understand communal challenges at a glance. This geospatial representation is instrumental in highlighting areas needing attention and resources.


Statistical Insights

The platform also serves as a statistical tool, aggregating data on reported and resolved issues. This not only aids in municipal planning and resource allocation but also fosters a data-driven approach to community development.



"MojBiograd" is an innovative solution from Codevision, showcasing their commitment to utilizing technology for civic enhancement. The platform reflects a modern approach to urban management, where community involvement and technological integration create a synergistic force for city improvement.

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